00-08 Chevy Silverado Speedometer problems & repairs.

The 03, 04, and 05 GM speedometer gauges have a high fail rate. The number one  problem is the stepper motors were all defective (C25-168), sticking or freezing up. The new motor is a X25-168 and X27-168 and will last longer because the gears are more durable.

GM issued a recall but it only applied to vehicles with less than 80,000 miles and even the vehicles covered had the same old C motor installed which will fail again.

Over time we’ve seen problems with:

  • sticky gauges
  • speedometer displays foreign language 
  • back lighting
  • gear indicator PRND123  goes dim
  • complete cluster goes dead
  • battery drain
  • cluster indicates  ERROR

We are able to complete an overhaul on your GM instrument cluster and address all the know failures, test and calibrate, and retest using a GM Tech 2.

We are able to convert your Silverado speedometer cluster over with a transmission  temp gauge that is plug and play. We can also program one of our Escalade or Denali clusters to work in your Tahoe or Suburban.


AR Speedometer & Gauge

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